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Sifu Lamar Burno

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Sifu Lamar Burno

Sifu Lamar Burno

Sifu Lamar Burno (Sifu Burno) is a visiting instructor at Oh Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do & Self Defense – Tazewell TKD. He is the owner of Elizabethtown, North Carolina based, The Shaolin Experience. He has practiced martial arts for over four decades.

Martial Arts Training

Sifu Burno earned his Black Belt, 6th Dan, in American Tae Kwon Do under Sensei Madison Nelson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he was born and raised. His father, a black belt in Judo, enrolled him and he excelled.

Sifu Verrone Romeoletti - Sifu Rome's Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy - Philadelphia, PA
Sifu Verrone Romeoletti (r.), Sifu Burno

Always having a thirst for a challenge, Sifu Burno earned a Black Sash, instructor level, in the Shaolin Art of Chinese Hung Gar Kung Fu originating from the Sui Lam Temple in Southern Shaolin. He trained extensively at Sifu Rome’s Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy for fourteen years under the direction of Sifu Veronne Romeoletti (Sifu Rome).

“He trained with me since he was in junior high school. He’s got good skills. He’s a good guy and very responsible. He stood beside me and was my right arm and taught grown men. He ran the classes when I wasn’t there,” said Sifu Rome.

Sifu Lamar Burno
Sifu Burno

Sifu Burno earned the distinction of Electric Knight in Ninjutsu under Cornelius Graper of Albany, Georgia.

In tournament competition, Sifu Burno has won over sixteen grand championships, one hundred first place trophies, seventy-two second place trophies and one 3rd place trophy.

In 2004, Sifu Burno combined Tae Kwon Do, Hung Gar Kung Fu, and Ninjutsu and opened Lamar’s Siu Lum Pai Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy 3.  Today the school is known as The Shaolin Experience.

Celebrity and Executive Defense and Protection

Sifu Lamar Burno - On Point Executive Protection
Sifu Burno (m.)

As the owner and chief agent of On Point Executive Protection, Sifu Burno has utilized his martial arts training and self-defense knowledge in the most practical of ways, as a celebrity bodyguard.  He has protected many R&B and Gospel artists such as: Boyz II Men, also from his hometown and best known for their number one hit single, End of the Road.  He appeared in the video for their 2000 hit, Thank You, from their album titled, Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya; Ce Ce Peniston, best known for her hit single, Finally; Dave Hollister, formerly of the R&B quartet Blackstreet, best known for his hit single, One Woman Man, and many more…




“Dr. Burno, my assistant has been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He was a former police officer, served in the armed forces and body-guarded some of the leading celebrities in the industry…Thank you for your dedication behind the scenes for keeping some of our favorite artists safe in the industry.” Nils Bundy, President of Artists Relations at Artists Music Guild

Community Patrol and Self Defense

Sifu Burno was the Eastern Director of the Philadelphia Guardian Angels and was promoted to this position after exhibiting exemplary service as a commander.  The Guardian Angels is a non-profit international volunteer organization that specializes in unarmed crime prevention headquartered in New York City and founded by Curtis Sliwa.

Sifu Burno utilized his expertise and street smarts to aid in the defense of residents and tourists.  He has served as a trainer and chapter leader imparting his street smarts and martial arts expertise to vulnerable groups.  This position helped him to hone his martial arts and self defense skills while patrolling some of the toughest streets, subways, and buses in Philly.  His collective work with the Guardian Angels helped to make the streets safe and improve the quality of life.

Honors & Awards

Sifu Burno’s community work has won him the Leukemia Society Humanitarian Award, Multiple Sclerosis Golden Heart Award, and the WPVI 6 Thanksgiving Day Parade Commendation.  In 2009, he was recognized by all of the New Jersey United States senators, mayors, former New Jersey Governor Corzine and Congress as one of the leading men of Community Affairs and as a humanitarian and a true distinguished gentleman of our time. On March 15, 2010, he received a Congratulatory Citation from United States President Barack Obama for his undying service to all of mankind and a host of other awards too numerous to mention.

Martial Arts, Weapons, and Stunt Coordination

Sifu Burno has worked in the film industry as an actor since he was five years old.  He added to his body of film work by working as an assistant stunt coordinator.  He has significant experience helping to shape fight scenes and turn the actors into actual fighters, policemen, or law enforcement officers utilizing his own martial arts training, United States Army military police and combat skills, and Philadelphia Policeman work.  Some of his most notable work includes:

  • The Last Dragon – In the fight scene where Eddie Arkadian interviewed fighters to defeat Bruce Leroy; He personally demonstrated to Taimak, the film’s lead, how to fall and rollout correctly.
  • Condition Red – Worked directly with James Russo, lead correction officer, demonstrating how to simulate throwing punches for the outside inmate chase scene.
  • Fallen – In addition to appearing as a police officer in this movie staring Denzel Washington, he taught other actors appearing as police officers the correct way to fall, how to walk through doors, aggressive behavior, and how to properly hold firearms.
  • In film 12 Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis, he duplicated the same work on Fallen on this sci-fi thriller.
  • Cadillac Man – In this film starring the late Robin Williams, he appeared as a swat team member and coordinated building infiltration.
  • Coming to America – This film starring Eddie Murphy, featured comedian Arsenio Hall who benefited from his instruction on how to hold and sweep with a stick in the Zamunda, African Nguni stick fighting scene.


Sifu Burno is a member of the United Martial Arts Referee Association.


Sifu Burno has earned his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Central University and a Masters of Science Degree in Personal Protection with a concentration in Intelligence Management from Henley Putnam University.

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