Richmond Family Business

The Richmond family business Oh Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do℠, Team Oh Do Kwon℠, Tazewell Tae Kwon Do℠, Tazewell Tae Kwon Do “Dawg” Pound℠, GM Roy Richmond℠ Legacy Tournament, are all properties of Grandmaster Roy Richmond’s daughter Keshia Richmond which she has undertaken as a tribute to her father and his message of achievement despite the odds.

Roy Richmond - Keshia Richmond
Roy Richmond and his eldest child and daughter, Keshia Richmond

Upon the death of Grandmaster Roy Richmond on August 19, 2010, his business and intellectual property became property of his estate as a matter of law. Keshia started looking after her father’s legacy on February 1, 2019 when the other two heirs transferred and assigned their rights in his known and unknown businesses.

Once Keshia took the helm of the businesses of Grandmaster Roy Richmond in 2019, she began the arduous process of regaining full control of her father’s name, image, likeness, business and intellectual property.

So, although Grandmaster Roy Richmond has been a revered local martial arts personality in the Tazewell, VA, Bluefield, VA, Bluefield, WV, the greater southwest Virginia region and nationally for more than three decades, Keshia Richmond currently runs the business as a small start up that has been in existence and run only for almost a year. 

Roy Richmond Family
Keshia Richmond, Aleshia Richmond (deceased) second oldest daughter, and first wife, Angela Richmond, Grandmaster Roy Richmond (l. to r.)

Keshia inventoried all of Grandmaster Roy Richmond’s business and intellectual property and organized them under the Grandmaster Roy Richmond company umbrella which she runs with a small team of dedicated Grandmasters’ and other key professionals.  She lives her father’s philosophies everyday to uphold his ideals and martial arts legacy. 

Roy Richmond Family
(f. row) Grandchildren Austin Ocasio, Aleshia Ocasio, (t. row) first wife Angela Richmond, Keshia Richmond, Grandmaster Roy Richmond

She has dedicated herself to surrounding herself with her father’s highest energy and sharing it with others because of the profound effect her father had on her, his students, and those whom he come in contact with.