Cotton Face Mask Chinese Calligraphy

Cotton Face Mask Chinese Calligraphy


Face Mask – Chinese Calligraphy


Don’t wear any face mask, wear a fashionable cotton face mask that features Chinese calligraphy.  This mask will compliment any Tae Kwon Do or martial arts uniform and casual wear.

Whether you are practicing martial arts in your home, backyard, park or in a social distancing setting in a dojo, our cloth mask is great for practical use in public or private.

This mask has some important features that will help you breathe easy and comply with social distancing orders while maintaining a degree of safety.

Here are some features of this mask.

  • Easy to use (CDC guidance on how to wear and remove a mask )
  • Reusable (Wash with proper sanitization after each use)
  • 2 layers of comfortable 100% premium cotton fabric fully expanded
  • 3 layers of comfortable 100% premium cotton fabric pleated
  • Pocket insert to add additional filter (not included)
  • Sturdy classic string ties for a proper fit and extended wear
  • Reversible
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • One size fits all to cover your nose and mouth
  • NOT tested for flame resistance or skin sensitivity
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Cotton Face Mask – COVID-19 & CDC Resources

While guidance is continually evolving regarding Cotton Face Mask – Chinese Calligraphy that you can wear to show your love for martial arts and Tae Kwon Do, we have compiled resources that you many find useful on how to stay safe and protect your loved ones:

1 Source: CDC.GOV

Disclaimer: Our cotton masks should not be used (1) in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; (2) in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high; or (3) in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. We make no warranties, either express or implied, that the mask prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.

Returns: For health and sanitary reasons, sales are final and are not returnable or exchangeable.


  1. The Joyous Living

    Bravo on making your own face masks! I love how your company, Oh Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do & Self Defense is so creative to make what what your students, clients and what the world needs right now.

  2. LifeMagHealth

    Nice face masks! The design and Chinese calligraphy make it very fashionable and trendy especially now that we need to use this every time! Will definitely consider having these!

  3. Ann

    Well, I was thinking of buying one for myself after attempting to make my own. Your design looks nice to try.

  4. Paolo

    Nice design for a face mask! The masks look good with chinese calligraphy, also it is eco-friendly because it is re-useable.

  5. Paul Jennings

    I just got my face mask! This masks looks great on me. A few people have paid me compliments while shopping (from six feet away of course)!

  6. Steven Morrissette

    These face coverings are really nice and I like them a lot.

  7. Jordan

    Great face mask with quarantine flair! What does the calligraphy say?

  8. WorldInEyes

    Now that face masks have been included in fashion, I have seen many beautiful designs and colours of face masks. The features of your face masks are good.

  9. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Looks like it’s an efficient mask though I would like to try it to really know if it is.

  10. Matt Taylor

    This looks like a great face mask! It looks comfortable and stylish. I just might have to try this one out.

  11. Autumn

    These cotton face masks look affordable and like something I would like to try. Masks seem to be the new normal.

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