Tae Kwon Do



Tae Kwon Do is the world’s most widely practiced martial art. It is an Olympic sport, an artistic discipline, a system of self defense and the way of life.

An Olympic Sport

Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic sport. It was introduced to the Olympics in Korea in 1988. Unlike many of the other sports that young people are involved with today, competitors who practice this sport are required by rule to demonstrate respect for the officials, coaches and their fellow competitors.

An Artistic Discipline

Tae Kwon Do is an artistic dscipline. The techniques are done with graceful and powerful movements. Grandmaster Roy Richmond’s students continuously strive to improve the artistic presentation of each technique. This artistic discipline develops posture, graceful movement, excellent coordination and attention detail. Grandmaster Roy Richmond believed that everyone can benefit from exposure to this artistic discipline.

Self-Defense Training

Self-defense skills are safety skills. Grandmaster Roy Richmond believed that it’s important for everyone to learn self-defense skills through martial arts. When a person learns and develops self-defense skills, the chance of sustaining an injury due to a fall or an attack is greatly reduced and the chance of escaping from a mugging, a rape or an abduction attempt is greatly increased! Learning these safety skills does not promote violence; rather, it enables one to avoid becoming a victim of violence and to minimize injury during a fall.

Tae Kwon Do is a way of life.

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